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Some of the ARTISTS who have exhibited at Blue Artz as well as ongoing patronage.

I.A.N Inclusive Arts Network - Disabled Artists providing works in a variety of mediums

Jackie Case - Melbourne. Jackie is a visual artist with work specializing in detailed pencil drawings.
Gillian Mary (Jill Brailsford) Melbourne - Artist and Children's book illustrator.

Jane Kempe - Ocean Grove - specializing in pop colour canvas with liquid glass artwork.

Paul Ingham - Queenscliff Artist. Paul provides Blue Artz with a selection of water colour paintings as well as greeting cards showcasing scenes/icons from around Ballarat, Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff and a village in France.

Indigenous Artists - Jane Crawford Qld, Sally Clarke - NT, Louise Numina - NT,  Jeanny N. Yarn - NT.

Darron Davies (BIFB - 2013) Photographer

Local Ballarat Artists:
Val Farrington
Jimmy Blackham
Justin McGennisken
Dawn Lim
Suzanne Batch
Coralie Kennedy

Perrin Daly -" How it looks from here" Photographic Exhibition, April 4th- 13th, 2014

Dheni Hendrik - Indonesian Artist. Denni is a prolific painter and uses a variety of media. His artwork was showcased on 2014's season of 'The Block'.

2015 Ballarat International Foto Biennale - Saturday 22nd August - Friday 18th September, 2015. Brian Chappell - 'Coast and Country' A collection of landscape and seascape images, that capture a moment in time of the ever changing Australian environment. Brian's photography focuses on producing large quality images that draw you into the scene. Showing the beauty and character of each selected location. Taking advantage of the available light, these images capture a special moment in time that adds depth, colour and character to the final point.

Elaine Batton - 'Traveller or Tourist'. 'Traveler or tourist considers the often quoted question with gorgeous imagery that engages and transports. These luscious images expand on travel as it mixes with exploration of light, emotion, past travels and art influences. Elaine Batton's photography  continues her use of a painterly approach. Photography filled with chiaroscuro in the use of strong bold colour and contrasts that add depth to the whole composition. Images of beauty, that are timeless, ageless.....and at times whimsical.

Tegan Neville- 'Inspiration from Within' comprising artworks in water colour and soft pastels. 21st Sept - 5th October, 2015.

Tress Street Artists - Kim Bunning, Diane Micich, Lorraine Collishaw and Melanie Jane 14th Oct -  13th Nov 2015.

Alex Zeng - Collage Artist  - August/October 2015 French Bulldog, Beagle with crown and Pug

Alex Zeng lives in the beautiful and ancient city of Hangzhou in China. After graduating from the Chinese Academy of Art, he worked as an art teacher. He has been producing his artworks for over 10 years, and is very passionate about his artistic vision, always exploring new creative approaches. He has been described as a maverick of the new generation of Chinese artists, and believes in creating beautiful artworks that are unique and outside the box.
Alex has taken his love of art collage, and with the help of skills honed at the prestigious Chinese Academy of Art has re-invented the category. Individually cut imagery from magazines and art books are shaped and layered to create a treasure hunt of details to the viewers eye. The longer you look, the more you see. Is that eye of the puppy really a photograph of a camera lens that takes on a new focus? Framed in solid New Zealand pine and protected by a tempered glass lens, each piece is hand signed by the artist.

18th July - September 2016 Trade Travel's Northern Lights Experience photo exhibition

Damascus VCE Art Student - Sinead O'Riley Nov/Dec 2016

Kath Diamond - 'Life's gentle Moments' - A collection of life study and still life, monochrome & colour photography. Feb- March 13th 2017

Graphic Designer Phil Fitz - 'Holding Court' March - April '17.

Robyn kittelty-Redman - An eclectic mixture of works using a variety of mediums. May '17